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Fire Alarms and Access Controls in Lancashire 

Our team at Dedicated Security Solutions understand fire safety and secure access are paramount. 

Our expertise in designing custom fire and access control systems ensures the continuous safety and security of your family or staff. Discuss your requirements with us today and allow our engineers to devise a bespoke strategy to guarantee your safety.

Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) qualified
1 year free servicing & 2 year guarantee
Free quotation and initial consultation
24/7 emergency call out service

Quality Installations, Lasting Security – Choose Us, Choose Peace of Mind.

Feel Reassured with Our Cutting-Edge Technology for Early Detection.

Understanding the critical nature of fire safety, Dedicated Security Solutions provides a 24/7 emergency call-out service. In the event of faults, repairs, or any issues with your fire alarm system, our responsive team will be on-site within four hours, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum safety.

Dedicated Security Solutions is committed to the highest standards of safety. Our fire alarm and access control systems comply with industry regulations, ensuring that your installation meets the necessary security benchmarks.

Fire alarm on wall of building

Fire Alarms

Providing Custom Design, Installation, and Maintenance Services to Domestic and Business Customers

Our experienced team understands that each property - from homes, to schools to large commercial spaces - has unique fire safety requirements. That's why we offer personalised fire alarm design and installation services, ensuring that your system is tailored to the specific layout and needs of your premises.


Our fire alarm installations incorporate state-of-the-art technology, including smoke detectors, heat sensors, and advanced alarm systems.

Early detection is crucial in minimising the impact of a fire, and our systems are designed to provide swift and accurate alerts, allowing for timely evacuation and emergency response.

Compliance with Industry Standards

Dedicated Security Solutions strictly adheres to industry standards, following the guidelines outlined in BS 5839: Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems for Buildings.


Our commitment to compliance ensures that our fire alarm installations meet the highest safety standards, giving you confidence in the reliability of our systems.

Expert Design & Installation

Our professional team follow a thorough design process, considering the unique layout and usage patterns of your building. 


This ensures that every component of the fire alarm system is strategically placed for optimal coverage, providing a comprehensive safety net against potential fire risks.

Customised Fire Detection Systems

We exclusively use top-tier hardware and software components for our fire alarm systems, featuring leading brands such as Apollo, Kentec, C-Tec and Hochiki.

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Case Study

A room in a school with no fire detection, so we needed to add an optical smoke detector and a call point due to a fire exit at the rear of the room. We did this by splicing into the loop and adding these devices in.

All fixed securely and all compliant with BS 5839-6 standards.

Access control point

Access Control Systems

Designing, Installing, and Servicing for Both Residential and Commercial Clients

Our Access Control Systems feature advanced coded access door entry systems, offering a secure and efficient way to monitor and manage entry points. With Dedicated Security Solutions, you can take charge of your building's access, knowing exactly who has permission to enter.

Customisable Solutions for Every Entry and Exit Point

Our access control systems are versatile and can be seamlessly fitted to doors and gates throughout your entire building. 


Whether it's the main entrance, restricted areas, or external gates, our systems provide a flexible and tailored solution to meet your specific security requirements - from keypads and key fobs to electronic locks, our services cater to your distinct needs.

Secure and Efficient Installation Process

Our skilled technicians ensure a secure and efficient installation process, integrating access control systems seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.


We prioritise minimal disruption to your daily operations while maximising the security benefits of our systems.

Combining Safety and Security

When integrated with a fire alarm system for phased evacuation, magnetic locks in access control systems can play a crucial role in ensuring orderly and safe evacuation procedures. 


Our integrated systems allow building occupants to safely exit during emergencies while maintaining security and control over access to the premises. This coordinated approach enhances overall safety and facilitates a more efficient response to fire emergencies.

Quality Access Control Systems for your Home and Business


We partner with top-tier manufacturers such as Paxton, Hikvision and Pyronix for our customers' access control systems.

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A Highly Rated Fire Alarm Company You Can Rely On

I've known Dylan for around 4 years, in which time we’ve crossed paths on multiple projects.

To name a few: Ringley Road, Nottingham student accommodation, Manchester's Byrom Street offices, and most recently a mill converted to offices. Dylan takes pride in his work and is very capable at handling residential and commercial projects. Keep up the good work Dylan

Dylan takes pride in his work and is very capable at handling residential and commercial projects. Keep up the good work Dylan.


Protect What Matters Most with Our Professional Fire Alarm System Services.


Book Your Free Consultation with Our Experts Today.

Get proactive about your safety with our expert fire alarm system services. Contact Dedicated Security Solutions for a free consultation and quote, and let our experts design a custom fire alarm or access control system for your home or business.

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