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Intruder Alarms & CCTV Installations in Lancashire 

At Dedicated Security Solutions, our intruder alarm and CCTV installation services are professionally designed to safeguard homes and businesses throughout Lancashire.

Enhance security and gain control with custom burglar alarm and surveillance systems for your property. Contact our team today to arrange a free initial consultation.

Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) qualified
1 year free servicing & 2 year guarantee
Free quotation and initial consultation
24/7 emergency call out service

Feel Secure – Lancashire's Premier Security Installation Experts

Secure your home or business with a comprehensive security solution that prioritises your safety.

Choosing Dedicated Security Solutions means choosing local expertise and a trusted partner in securing your Lancashire property. Benefit from our 24/7 emergency call-out service, adherence to industry standards, and a team dedicated to delivering unmatched quality in every installation.

Smart phone app for intruder alarm system

Intruder Alarms

Design, Install & Maintenance for Domestic and Commercial Customers

At Dedicated Security Solutions, we take the security of your home or business seriously, and our intruder alarm installation services are designed to provide you with unparalleled peace of mind. With years of dedicated experience in the industry, we understand the importance of a robust intruder alarm system in safeguarding your property.

Advanced Technology

We stay at the forefront of security technology, offering state-of-the-art intruder alarm systems that provide comprehensive coverage.


From PIR motion detectors and panic buttons to door and window sensors and internal and external sirens, our installations are equipped with the latest advancements to ensure prompt detection and response to any unauthorised entry.

Seamless Integration with Your Lifestyle or Business Operations

Our intruder alarm systems are seamlessly integrated to complement your daily activities without causing unnecessary disruptions.


We understand the need for a balance between security and convenience, ensuring that your intruder alarm works efficiently while allowing easy access for authorised individuals.

Professional Installation Process

Our skilled technicians follow a detailed installation process, ensuring that every component of your intruder alarm system is strategically placed for maximum effectiveness. 


We work with precision and efficiency, minimising any inconvenience to your daily routine during the installation phase.

Professional Security System Installations


We pride ourselves on partnering with quality brands for our intruder alarm systems including Pyronix, Texecom and Orisec.

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Texecom logo
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Case Study

A customer had an issue with their old Texecom Veritas panel - we tried to revive their old panel but the diagnosis was a dying power supply unit. This resulted in a panel swap and keypad swap.

The system is now working perfectly and another customer feels safer in their own home.

CCTV security camera in office building


Designing, Installing, and Maintaining Systems for Homeowners and Businesses

Our CCTV systems boast state-of-the-art surveillance technology, providing crystal-clear video quality to capture every detail. Whether you're looking to monitor the perimeter of your property, entry points, or specific areas, our installations are tailored to meet your unique security needs.

Seamless Integration with a User-Friendly App

Experience the future of home security with dedicated apps that accompany each CCTV system.


These user-friendly interfaces allow you to effortlessly check the health of your system, set or unset your security parameters, and access real-time footage – all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.

24/7 Vigilance and Remote Monitoring

Our CCTV systems provide round-the-clock vigilance, offering peace of mind even when you're away.


Whether you need indoor or outdoor surveillance, day or night monitoring, our experts tailor the system to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle or business operations. You can remotely monitor your property, ensuring that you stay connected and informed about any activity in and around your secured location.

Comprehensive Health Checks at Your Fingertips

Our manufacturers' dedicated apps not only allow you to view live footage but also provide health checks for your CCTV system.


Receive real-time updates on system status, ensuring that your security is always in optimal condition.

Intelligent Security Solutions from Trusted Brands

Hikvision and Dahua are our preferred manufacturers for our domestic and commercial CCTV installations.

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Dahua logo

Top Rated Security System Installers

I have used Dylan on numerous occasions for my business, to get around specialist problems with CCTV and alarm systems. He is excellent and attentive in his work.

Dylan’s knowledge of installation as well as older systems and issues that can occur is next to none. Dylan has a wealth of knowledge and is excellent in his field.

He is polite, tidy and works to an exceptional standard - this leaves us safe in the knowledge our customers are in more than good hands.


Explore Custom Security Solutions for Your Home or Business.


Get in Touch for a Free Quote and Expert Advice.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with high-quality intruder alarm and CCTV installations. Experience the power of smart security with our advanced solutions, keeping your home and business safe and secure.

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